The First Line of Defense

The First Line of Defense

We know you are a welcoming type, but that warm “Come on in!” sure doesn’t extend to mice – you want them to stay far, far away from your place.

Allow us, the experts at d-CON, to share a terrific way for you to accomplish just that. By placing d-CON Refillable Bait Stations OUTSIDE your home, those critters don’t stand a chance to sneak indoors. Basically, you are securing the borders of your property to avoid an invasion.

How d-CON Bait Stations help stop a mouse infestation
There’s a lot to love about this approach. How about not hearing that scritch-scratching in your home’s walls, or discovering the “gift” of droppings around your kitchen as you grab an AM coffee? Here’s how easy it is to help stop a mouse problem before it starts:

  • Our bait stations are easily placed around your home and refilled when needed. What’s more, they are weather-resistant so no need to worry about them on rainy days.
  • The stations have bait that mice find irresistible –you might say they love it to death. The mice feed from the station and then go off and die. You never need to see or handle these pests. (Worth noting: This is a terrific alternative if you’ve been using traps outside.)
  • d-CON’s bait is made from cholecalciferol, a form of Vitamin D3. The bait stations are specially designed with a mouse-sized opening, meaning if you have any cute chipmunks or bunnies scampering around your yard, they won’t be able to access the bait.
  • Each station has a window that lets you quickly see if mice have been “taking the bait.” If they have been feeding, you can refill the station till signs of activity end. Job done!

How to place d-CON Bait Stations

Your home is warm and cozy, full of good times and good food, right? Mice want in on that. They are eager to set up house, with you providing room and board, thank you very much.

Timing-wise, as soon as the weather gets cool enough for you to reach for a sweater, the neighborhood mice head indoors. Understanding how they enter your abode is crucial to correct bait placement and preventing a perimeter breach. Here’s the scoop:

  • Doorways practically roll out the red carpet for mice. Any tiny hole or uneven spot beckons them indoors, or they’re happy to do a bit of gnawing as needed. So tuck d-CON Refillable Bait Stations near front, side, and back doors, and don’t forget the garage door either, to keep mice out.
  • Vents , whether for your a/c system or other mechanicals, tend to send out a stream of alluringly warm air. Mice are small and nimble enough to creep into these spaces and then run all over your home. Place bait stations nearby and send these pests a message – like velvet ropes outside a nightclub – that they are not on your home’s guest list.
  • Garbage cans have a way of ringing the breakfast, lunch and dinner bell for rodents. Put d-CON Refillable Bait Stations nearby, and mice will snack there instead – and disappear.

It’s that simple to keep mice from barging into your house – and keep your peace of mind


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many mice are in my house?
It can be difficult to tell exactly how many mice are in your house, which could range from a couple to a full-blown infestation. In short – the more signs you see, the more mice there are likely to be. If you actually see a mouse in the flesh, this is usually a sign that there are more nesting in your home.
Does one mouse mean an infestation?
One mouse doesn’t necessarily mean an infestation and it’s possible that you’ve only got a couple living under your roof – for now. It’s important to remember that a few mice can turn into many due to their high rate of breeding, so if you notice any signs of mouse activity at all, make sure you get on top of the problem quickly with our no-mess Corner Fit Bait Stations.
How to tell if Mice are Gone
Once you’ve tackled your mouse problem you should know they’re gone simply by monitoring the signs that told you they were there in the first place. Over time you should notice that there are no more droppings, and all scratching sounds should have totally stopped. If you’re using bait stations, look out for signs that they’re working by checking for nibble marks on the actual bait, as well as by sprinkling flour around the station and watching out for footprints. No one likes to think of having mice in their home but, unfortunately, it’s incredibly common. Read our hub of articles for more top tips and tricks about dealing with rodents in the home, including our article about the mouse’s bigger, scarier friend, ‘signs you have rats in your home’!