6 Signs You Have Mice

6 Signs you have mice

Yes, they’re small. They’re quiet. They’re stealthy, and they’re clever.


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But rodents let you know when they’ve taken up residence in your home. That is, if you know the six signals that you have mice. Allow us to share this quick and easy checklist – so you can know when mice invade and get busy getting rid of them!

  1. Droppings: Do you see a small (think 1/4” long) black oval on your kitchen counter, a radiator cover or elsewhere? At first, your brain may process that as dirt…a crumb…but on second glance, you’ll know what’s really going on: a critter was scampering around and left you a “gift.” Seeing droppings in multiple locations means you have more than a lone mouse, and will probably require multiple bait stations or traps to wrangle the infestation.
  2. Footprints: Take a closer look at the dust-catching corners of your house. If you see tiny pawprints, then you know you have mice. Not sure? Try this trick: Sprinkle flour in spots where you think you may have rodents and then look for footprints or tail-swish marks over the next day or two.
  3. Sounds: Trying to relax in front of the TV and hear scurrying or scratching noises in the wall? That’s a sure sign that you have mice.
  4. Gnawing: No, that box of crackers or bag of chips you left on the counter didn’t spontaneously develop a jagged little hole. Little chew marks there (or elsewhere, around a pipe or vent) are a sign that a mouse is chewing its way through your home. How to tell new gnawing on surfaces from signs of a past problem? Look for a lighter color; the markings darken with time.
  5. Changes in your pet’s behavior: Specifically, is your dog or cat sniffing or pawing at the wall, cabinet or near the fridge in a way it hasn’t before? That tells you it may have detected a mouse in your house.
  6. Burrows: If you notice unusual lumps or holes near the perimeter of your house, those could be mice tunneling their way inside, looking for warmth and food. (Inside the house, mouse holes are very hard to find. They aren’t like the rounded door holes we’ve all seen in cartoons. Instead, they are likely to be a small damaged area of your wall or even just a gap in between building materials. If you do have mice, don’t worry. Once you deploy traps or bait stations, you should see proof that you’ve succeeded -- no more droppings, gnawing, scurrying sounds, or other signals -- in a matter of days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many mice are in my house?
It can be difficult to tell exactly how many mice are in your house, which could range from a couple to a full-blown infestation. In short – the more signs you see, the more mice there are likely to be. If you actually see a mouse in the flesh, this is usually a sign that there are more nesting in your home.
Does one mouse mean an infestation?
One mouse doesn’t necessarily mean an infestation and it’s possible that you’ve only got a couple living under your roof – for now. It’s important to remember that a few mice can turn into many due to their high rate of breeding, so if you notice any signs of mouse activity at all, make sure you get on top of the problem quickly with our no-mess Corner Fit Bait Stations.
How to tell if Mice are Gone
Once you’ve tackled your mouse problem you should know they’re gone simply by monitoring the signs that told you they were there in the first place. Over time you should notice that there are no more droppings, and all scratching sounds should have totally stopped. If you’re using bait stations, look out for signs that they’re working by checking for nibble marks on the actual bait, as well as by sprinkling flour around the station and watching out for footprints. No one likes to think of having mice in their home but, unfortunately, it’s incredibly common. Read our hub of articles for more top tips and tricks about dealing with rodents in the home, including our article about the mouse’s bigger, scarier friend, ‘signs you have rats in your home’!