Rodents 101

Types of Rodents

There are many types of rodents that may infest your house, however, the most common tend to be mice and rats. Knowing the difference and what to look for will help to determine the most efficient solution to rid your house of these nasty vermin. Rats are generally larger than mice, however young rats can often be mistaken for mice. They can usually be distinguished by their over-sized heads and unusually long feet.

Types of Mice

House Mouse: House mice are extremely common animals worldwide and the most common type of mice in homes. House mice have light grey or brown short hair and weigh between 12 to 30 grams. They can grow up to 20 cm from the nose to tail. Droppings are the easiest way to identify these pests, as even a light infestation can produce thousands of droppings. Droppings are long and slim and pointed at both ends.

Deer Mouse: Deer mice can transmit a variety of diseases including Hantavirus. Deer mice can usually be identified by their large ears and black beady eyes. While their underbelly and feet are usually white, deer mice also have a distinct light brown-red body. They generally grow to about 7 to 10 cm long from nose to tail. 

Types of Rats

Norway Rat: Knows as the "super rat," Norway rats are larger than the roof rat and can reach 40.5 cm in length, much larger than most types of rats. They tend to dwell in basements and sewers bust are also known to burrow beneath building foundations or larger piles of trash or wood. With distinct stocky bodies, you'll begin to notice as these gray-brown rats steal scraps for their nests.

Roof Rat: Often the culprits when electrical damage is involved, roof rats are superb climbers and often inhabit the upper floors of office buildings and attics. Also referred to as black rats, roof rats tend to live in warmer climates along the coast and seek secure, elevated areas to next.