d-CON® No View, No Touch™ Trap

One of our Most Effective Mouse Traps. With the unique and easy to use d-CON® No View, No Touch trap, you’ll never see or touch a dead mouse. Covered traps hide the dead rodents from sight and protect you while throwing them away.


  • Discreet covered trap that conceals the dead mouse completely
  • Safer than traditional mouse traps & much easier to use – just bait, twist and set!
  • Safe around children & pets
  • No messy cleanup: Just dispose of the entire trap
  • Ideal for: kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, pantry, and living rooms

Loading the Station

Never see a dead mouse again! d-CON No View No Touch Covered Mouse Trap is safer than traditional mouse traps & much easier to use. This discreet covered trap conceals the dead mouse completely and is safe around children & pets. The red indicator makes it easy to see when the trap is set and when a mouse caught, then just dispose of the entire trap. To use: insert bait in bait compartment, twist & set trap, and place the trap in a high traffic mouse area. Ideal for: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, pantry, and living room.

1. Peel Back Self-Adhesive Label, Insert Bait & Reseal
2. Twist & Set Trap
3. Place Trap in High Traffic Mouse Area
4. Dispose of Trap When Red Indicator Says 'Mouse Caught'

Product Code: 00019200783576