EPA Inquiries

1. What is the agreement that d-CON® has reached with the EPA?

In May 2014, d-CON® reached an agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding the production and distribution of second generation rodenticides. Following extensive discussions, both parties have reached an agreement whereby d-CON® will voluntarily discontinue production of d-CON® baits containing second generation anticoagulant rodenticides. Those rodent control products will be replaced with a new line of rodenticide baits which have been registered with the U.S. EPA and are approved for distribution and consumer use in every state.

2. Are d-CON® products still safe to use?

Consumers can continue to purchase and use d-CON® products that are currently in stores to effectively control rodents when used as directed.

3. When will new d-CON® products be available for purchase?

An updated suite of rodenticide bait products in bait stations that use an alternate active ingredient approved by the EPA for consumer use are currently in distribution in California, per state regulations.

Starting in early 2015, d-CON® will distribute the new line of bait rodenticides for consumer use across the rest of the country. Until then, consumers can continue to purchase and use d-CON® products that are currently available in stores to effectively control rodent infestations when used as directed.

4. Why did d-CON® challenge the EPA?

d-CON® challenged attempts to cancel second generation anticoagulant rodenticide products because of concerns about consumers using alternate products that contain a neurotoxin which, unlike d-CON® products, have no known antidote in the case of accidental exposure. While other manufacturers have chosen to shift to active ingredients that include a powerful neurotoxin, new d-CON® bait products will continue to utilize effective ingredients for which an antidote (Vitamin K) is readily available.

5. Why did d-CON® make this agreement with the EPA?

The reason d-CON® has been such a successful brand is because we have spent more than 60 years providing products that are reliable and affordable to use. Our customers purchase d-CON® products with confidence knowing that they effectively protect homes and families from the serious diseases and damage caused by rodents. We are committed to providing effective and affordable products to consumers to control rodents that can invade homes, spread diseases, and damage food and property. The agreement reached with the EPA enables us to continue to achieve these objectives.

6. Where can I get additional information?

For updates from d-CON®, continue to check www.d-CONproducts.com.

If you have additional questions, please call customer service at 1-800-228-4722.