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d-CON® Quick Kill Glue Trap™


The name says it all. The d-CON® Quick Kill Glue Trap™ catches mice and kills them fast with the combined action of traditional glue traps and a quick-snap mechanism.


    • Ready-to-use sticky traps require no baiting 
    • You can be sure mice and rats are trapped
    • Easy to set and dispose of rodents
    • Non-poisonous

How to use

    • On the curved back of the trap, find the trigger lever in the bottom "unset" position and set the trap by pulling the lever upwards until the lever locks in the top "set" position. No need to bait
    • Once a mouse is caught, discard the entire trap.
    • For best results, use two or more d-CON Quick Kill Glue traps 4 to 6 feet apart where you see or suspect mice run. Check our “Know the Signs” section to see common signs of rodent activity to help guide your placement.
    • If mice are not caught in 3-5 days, move trap to a new location.