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How long do they work? When do they need to be replaced?

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 How do d-CON® products compare to others on the market?
 What are the different kinds of rodent control measures?
 How do I know if I need to use baits or traps?
 How do I know if I have a rodent in my home?
 Where should I place my mouse trap and baits?
 How long do they work? When do they need to be replaced?

Mice are not attracted to old, insect-infested or moldy bait. Inspect often – every few days – and discard wet, dirty or contaminated baits. Check traps every day. Rodents are cunning; if they haven't been trapped in 4-5 days, move the traps to a new location. Some traps are reusable. Refer to the package for detailed instructions. Once the rodent problem seems to have been eliminated, it is best to continue baiting for at least another fifteen days to avoid re-infestation.

 How do I know that I've trapped them all?
 How much rodent bait do I need?
 If my pet eats the rodent bait, could it die?
 If my pet eats a dead rodent that may have eaten d-CON®, will it die?
 What preventive measures can I take to ensure a rodent free home?
 What if I'm unsatisfied with the results of my purchased d-CON® products?
 What Are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice?
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